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jewellery classes in garden studio, Nethy Bridge, Aviemore and Cairngorms



Visit our beautiful forest village of Nethy Bridge and learn a new craft a private jewellery making classes. There is space for three students, so come solo or bring a friend or two. Connect with your inner creative and take home a memento to treasure.


Making your own rings together, with love in your hearts, is a deeply special ritual to set you on your journey of life long companionship. Using ethically sourced, 100% recycled precious metals to symbolise your bond.

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation today. 

make your own wedding rings workshop two gold bands made by hand 100% recycled precious metals
inherited recycled family gold chucky bracelet transformed into wedding jewellery including wedding bands, hoop earrings, sword kiltpin


A small number of bespoke projects are taken on each year to help you to celebrate important moments and people in your life.


Upon consultation we can discuss your design and budget.


This wedding collection was once an inherited chunky gold bracelet.

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