Yogi Lotus Ring



The Lotus is a symbol of eternally unfolding inner peace amongst many other spiritual and creative graces as well as being an advanced yoga pose to open the hips and is an age-old sitting meditation pose. The Yogi Lotus collection is your portable reminder of the nature-loving happiness which sits within us all.


Made in recycled silver with an eco friendly philosophy directing every phase in the design and making process. Each piece is part of a small scale collection which has been finished by hand giving a unique, crafted quality. 


All items are made to order and shall be shipped within 7-14 days. 



Circumference: UK size J = 15.6 mm

Circumference: UK size M = 16.8 mm

Circumference: UK size P = 18 mm

Height: 18mm

Thickness: 1.4mm


Size M is the average size for a female ring finger size in the UK. Custom sizes are available upon request.  If you do not know your ring size, pop into a local jewellers for an accurate measurement.